Just what is the Trust Technique® ?

Fear & Domination? or Trust & Cooperation? These are our training choices.

Is it training? (yes!)

Is it sleeping? (not exactly:)

The Trust Technique® is all of these!

It helps dogs become more relaxed in situations where they usually become agitated or fearful. It will create a deep trusting relationship between you and your animal very quickly. It can be used to take animals into a state of deep healing in order to release past traumas. It can be used as a stand-alone training technique and/or it can assist your furry friend prepare for any style of training you may choose.

I offer sessions to teach you the basic technique as well as sessions to work on specific behavioral problems. You will know at the end of each session how to work with your animal by yourself or you may choose to have me work with severe problems until you feel comfortable to do so.

please reach out for more information thedogprofessor@eruditedog.com

Is it healing ? (yes)

Is it magic ? (it sure seems like it)