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What the Dog Professor can do for you!

Helping Dogs Understand

This lovely rescue lucked out with the best dog parents ever, but she would not let dog walkers take her on a walk and only barked. See the result below after working with The Dog Professor!

Lonliness & Fear Relief

It's not good for dogs to be alone all day, they need guidance and calming to gain confidence!


"Lilli has a special touch with animals. She was able to calm our dog when no other dog walker could. She is able to teach the technique to others."

"My dogs are happy to see her. I see them smiling! I love that we get the same person every time."

Lilli has been very reliable, she shows up when she says she will - which is important to me if I'm going to trust my baby to someone's care.

"Lilli has been such a wonderful caretaker for our shy rescue dog. I appreciate Lilli's boundless patience and willingness to take things at Lyla's pace. It's a huge relief to have someone as reliable to look after Lyla. The regular picture updates are super cute and enjoyable."

"Lilli is great with our chis. One of our chihuahuas was a rescue, and since Lilli started walking her, we have noticed that she is less hesitant around strangers and is so much more relaxed on walks. Cookie actually explores now!! I can tell that both our dogs love her."

What is the Trust Technique®?

The Trust Technique® is a process which recognizes that animals and humans share feelings and allows you to deliver a feeling of deep peace when needed. This very short clip of rescue Rockwell was taken after just 15 minutes of delivering the technique. He had been racing around stealing socks, poking his head in the trash and crawling all over me with neediness. Now he is taking a much needed 'peace nap' that is refreshing him and teaching him it's ok to be calm and relax. There is a better way to connect with your companion on a deep level. I can teach you and your animal to 'feel peace now' whenever needed. ~ Lilli ~

(I'll upload more videos demonstrating the technique soon!)

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I wish you could have seen me running around like a mad man!

With a background facilitating trauma healing for humans, I am now thrilled to have found the work of James French and The Trust Technique®, which addresses trauma in animals, and I have shifted my focus to working solely with domestic pets. The technique is great for rescues whose experience from shelter to forever home can be very traumatic, resulting in difficult behaviors.

Soon to graduate from a two-year certification out of the UK, I will be the first practitioner of The Trust Technique® in Utah, able to teach domestic animal owners how to use it with any dog, cat, bird - virtually any pet!

I am also a dog walker and provide play and calming services. I provide vacation pet sitting in your home on a case by case basis. Call or email for more information.


~ Lilli ~

"The Dog Professor"


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I give freely of my time to local rescue centers helping severe trauma cases learn to trust and find a forever home. Your support of my services helps me support those dogs. As with Rockwell in the short clip above, it may be the only peace they have felt in a long time.